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Hi my companions! How about we discuss the Freeze combo today. I realize that most new players do detest/love this combo as a result of its viable. In spite of the fact that it was greatly compelling in Clash Royale unlimited gems before the Freeze Spell got nerfed, there are still heaps of players utilizing this combo. That is the reason I need to talk about it today. 

counter stop spell conflict royale 

How this Freeze combo functions 

The assailant will drops the Freeze Spell and stop everything inside of the spell's span for 5+ seconds, amid this time, the adversary's Hog/Balloon/Prince,… will have enough time to bargain decimating harm to your Crown Tower. Likewise, numerous players love utilizing Minion Horde with the Freeze Spell since that card additionally can bargain loads of harm as well. Essentially, this is the manner by which Freeze combo works. 

How to counter it? 

When you have distinguished that the adversary has the Freeze Spell card on his Desk, you ought to dependably be prepared for whenever he puts it. On the off chance that you play protection for positive Elixir exchange, simply ensure that you drop your cards comfortable focus and spread them a bit so the adversary can't solidify every one of them. 

Additionally, don't place your troops until the assailant drops the Freeze. You will take harm, without a doubt, however that is superior to anything dropping your troops and viewing the foe troops hitting your Tower severely. 

In the event that the Hog/Balloon is assaulting your protective building card, don't drop your troops promptly. More often than not, the adversary will drop the Freeze Spell once his troop complete off your guarded building card. Simply sit tight for that! 

On the off chance that you have a cautious building card, simply ensure you generally have it on the ground. 

Try not to place any building right alongside your debilitated Crown Towers. It's not a smart thought by any means. They will be powerless to get devastated by any spell card. 

On the off chance that you have more than 1 building card, you can without much of a stretch bait the foe Hog/Balloon from the debilitated side to the next one. 

Since the adversary troops (Hog/Balloon) just arrangement harm to your structures and Towers, you can exploit this If your cautious troops don't get harmed. Make a counter-assault with your survived troops. The rival has recently burned through 4 Elixir for the Freeze Spell and is not prepared to safeguard against your counter-assault. In any case, be brilliant with your counter-assault. Don't simply put either the Hog Rider or the Balloon If you realize that despite everything he has the Minion Horde. 

Play persistently, get the solution point of preference and you can take control of the fight!


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